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Mr. Frailich is presently specializing in handling Breast Implant Class Action Claims, and has successfully settled over 1000 claims.  He is able to assist any claimants who do not understand if they are eligible to receive any compensation in the Class Action or who are having problems settling their implants claims with the Claims Board.

Mr. Frailich specializes in representing women who have had breast implants and are existing members of the MDL-926 Class Action and/or Dow Corning Class Action, or want to be a member of the MDL-926 Class Action.

If you are having medical problems and have had breast implants and you have not received any money, or you have received very little money, you need to immediately call Mr. Frailich to know what you rights are. You may be entitled to compensation that you are not aware of. There is no fee for consultation, and if your claim is accepted by the Law Offices of Stephen M. Frailich, your claim is handled on a contingency fee basis with no up front money. You have nothing to lose except your rights if you don't call.

If you would like to know what legal rights you are entitled to, at no cost, please fill out our online contact form.

If the Claims Board has rejected your claim because you have not provided proper proof of your implant manufacturer, Mr. Frailich can help you. If you cannot locate the doctor who performed your surgery or the medical records of your surgery is not available, Mr. Frailich can help you. If the Claims Board has rejected your claim because you have deficiencies in your medical records, Mr. Frailich can help you. Stephen M. Frailich can help you.



In 1997, The Mayo Clinic found one in four women with implants will need surgery within five years for ruptures or other disfiguring complications. 


What effect does silicone have on the enzyme system, cell membranes, DNA damage, interference with repair mechanisms and the effect on energy production?


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